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Employee Management & Training

TruHR has developed a fun and interactive training program in harassment prevention, interviewing skills, and California employer essentials. Our training programs can be customized to fit your specific company needs. Interactive, Engaging, & Entertaining!

California law requires all employers of 5 or more employees to provide training to its supervisory and nonsupervisory employees on harassment and abusive conduct prevention. Every two years, nonsupervisory employees must receive at least one hour of training and supervisory employees must receive at least two hours of training.

TruHR’s harassment prevention training program is a fun and interactive training that is presented in a quiz game show format. Staff will break into teams and compete against each other making this mandatory training entertaining and informative! Reserve your training today!

Our employee management and training includes:

  • Performance Management
    -Customized Performance Evaluations
    -Performance Improvement Plan
    -Counseling Memo
    -Warning Memo
    -Termination Memo
  • Management and Employee Training
    -HR compliance training for managers
    -Performance management training
    -Effective communication and interviewing training

Employment Policies & Handbooks

The law doesn’t require employers to have an employee handbook, but having one manages risk by proving that you’ve told employees what is and is not acceptable behavior. Most companies might download a template, re-purpose one they’ve used at a previous company, ask a friend for theirs, or use whatever boilerplate version their PEO provides. In general, it gets the job done, but there’s still some risk because many of these templates are wrong or out of date and do not set the tone for your company culture.

The goal of the employee handbook should be to capture the company’s culture as well as a compilation of the policies and procedures of the company. Done correctly, an employee handbook is a foundational component of your business – providing value to both the employer and employee. The handbook should be a useful reference document for both employees and managers.

Whether your handbook is out-of-date, incomplete, yet-to-be-written, or just hard to understand – we can help you.